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Web Based Physician Offering

Spheris announces the release of its new web-based transcription service for physician practices. Spheris eChart provides physicians with all the tools necessary to dictate, review, edit and e-sign their transcribed reports from any internet accessible computer.

Spheris eChart.

Spheris is the largest Internet-enabled national outsourcer providing medical transcription and data management service to healthcare systems. Spheris' scalable architecture makes us the best choice for the large volume organizations such as Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) and multi-facility healthcare systems.

Spheris utilizes state-of-the-art software technology and services to provide an end-to-end solution for medical transcription and health information management. Our service applies sophisticated data processing technology directly to the management of medical information.

Spheris is committed to delivering innovative services that go beyond what health information professionals expect. Exceeding customer expectations is the reputation that Spheris has earned.

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