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Outsource Transcription Services

Spheris has developed a national and global network of transcription resources connected and managed with an advanced Internet-enabled workflow monitoring system. This unique approach is optimized for customers with large, high volume transcription needs requiring a capacity-rich partner that can accommodate millions of lines of transcription with speed and accuracy. Ideally suited for IDNs, multi-facility health systems and large clinics, Spheris meets the transcription needs of single departments, multiple departments, or entire healthcare organizations. We are dedicated to providing timely, accurate medical transcription services with guaranteed turn-around times. Spheris uses state-of-the-art network technologies for secure access, and can install digital dictation systems or make use of your current dictation system to transmit critical patient medical information. Whatever your transcription needs may be, Spheris can provide the solutions that you need.

Customer Integration

Spheris knows that different healthcare organizations have different transcription needs. That’s why we insure that our system integration meets the specific requirements of each customer. Spheris’s dedicated team puts a significant amount of resources into communicating and interacting with our customers to provide custom-tailored solutions that address all areas of medical transcription practices. The main objective is to minimize or eliminate any disruption or change of procedures for your physician users. For example, the voice prompts in the new system will emulate those already in use, so the doctors will not have to change the way they dictate now.

Spheris assigns a specific installation team to each customer to work closely with key members of your organization during the implementation phase to keep them informed of what to expect and when to expect it. Spheris believes in comprehensive customer service, which will continue long after system integration and implementation are complete.

The Spheris system has been designed as a seamless application to provide a complete information processing solution to the health information management department and to integrate the digital report as part of the electronic patient record.  The Spheris solution will integrate with systems already in place.  In these cases, the system may be integrated with these existing or planned systems by use of the Health Industry Level 7 (HL-7) interface standard via our gateway interface engine.  The HL-7 standard currently addresses the interfaces required to send or receive ADT data, orders, results, and billing data.


Spheris leverages the latest technological advances to provide both voice and data handling capabilities. Our secure network provides a single source solution that covers the full range of medical transcription needs. Dictated information travels through protected data lines to an expert MT, who completes the transcription process and returns the document as soon as it is final in electronic format over the same network lines. Internet capability is a vital segment of our technology, and Spheris uses it effectively to complete your transcription requirements in the most efficient manner possible. We make sure that your data is secure by meeting HCFA’s Triple DES encryption requirements, and through constant review of technologies to maintain the security of our network.


Spheris employs only the most qualified and experienced medical transcription (MT) professionals worldwide, many of whom are certified and members of AAMT. In the United States, our expert transcriptionists work from home-based workstations via our virtual private network (VPN), a technology that assures that all medical information is being routed over a secure communications network. 

Many Spheris employees are active in the industry including:

Karen Thomas-Bates, CMT, AAMT BOD member 2001
Shari Marshall, CMT, AAMT BOD member (1991-93 and 1998-2000)

AAMT Educator of the Year
Pat Bowen, CMT, 1994


Spheris follows standards established by the AAMT to insure a high accuracy rate for all transcribed reports submitted to your healthcare organization.  It is our service and dedication to your success that distinguishes Spheris.  We proofread our documents from the dictated voice, allowing achievement of the highest possible level of accuracy.  Spheris maintains a rigorous quality assurance program, which includes one of the highest proofreader to transcriptionist ratios in the industry. Spheris utilizes Certified Medical Transcriptionists (CMTs) in most key management and training roles. In addition, American Association of Medical Transcription (AAMT) guidelines and practices are implemented and utilized whenever possible. We exceed expectations by delivering superior service and accuracy.


Spheris’s national network allows us to provide transcription service 24 hours, 365 days a year to meet all hospital turn-around-time (TAT) requirements, and quickly return documents whether the report is needed in two hours or twenty-four hours. Our use of the latest technology means that no intervention is required on the part of your staff unless report progress needs to be determined. Use of secure network lines for both data and voice means that as soon as dictation is completed and sent, an expert MT begins work on the transcription. The completed report is returned to your facility in electronic format within the predetermined TAT. Spheris is the industry leader in achieving reliable turn-around-time results – just ask our customers!

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